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Happy New Year 2008 | January 6, 2008

Dear Readers,

I apologize for not getting to post again in 2007. I have been extremely busy, and so I am announcing that “World of Faith” will be taking a slightly different direction in 2008. However, before I go there, I would like to impress on you all how “World of Faith” is reaching the whole wide world. Several weeks ago, I received this comment from Ammar in Iraq, in response to a series that I did a while back, on “What is Charismatic.” Ammar writes,

“Jonathan, good that I found this web site, my name is Ammar living in North of Iraq.
A friend of mine want to know more about the word Chrismatic. Please eamil me for if I need other questions I will ask you again.
My friend in from Yazedy backround (the worship angels-Satan).
Lord bless you.”

I have received correspondence before from Europe and Mexico, but we are reaching the now liberated state of Iraq, and that is significant, my friends. Please keep me in your prayers as “World of Faith” enters 2008. Very soon I will start our first series of this year, which will be the series, “Being Set Free.” Then, the second series that I have been preparing, is called “Legacy,” which will discuss the importance of your spiritual heritage. Those of you who are wanting to know my testimony will here it, and also you will understand more about my own spiritual heritage, as well. I will also discuss the importance of leaving a legacy, as well.

Also, as the year progresses, I will also be slightly chaning the format here at “World of Faith.” I will be using pieces that I have developed for other ministry outlets. For example, the first segment of “Legacy” will actually be an excerpt from something I prepared for a new initiative at my own church, called “Ignite: Faith Ministry School.” I will also be sharing other pieces for that, as well. But, “World of Faith” will continue in 2008, and we will continue to reach out and disciple others, even to the ends of the earth, even in Iraq.

God’s blessings,
Jonathan Krems

P.S.: Please also e-mail me if you are interested in guest blog submissions, as well.


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