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Leadership and Influence: Part Two

June 15, 2007
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Last week I began a new series on “Leadership and Influence,” here at World of Faith. As a foundation, I explained the purpose of this series is to explore the connection of leadership and influence, because leadership IS influence.

For example, at my church we have staff, which consists of either ordained leaders and/or department heads, and then there is leadership, which is anyone serving in any capacity with influence. Thus, personally, as I am a member of my church’s worship team, I am considered part of leadership.

Last week I also discussed some reasons why some people do not understand or agree with the concept that leadership is influence. One reason I gave is that many are afraid of the responsibility and commitment required in leadership. The other reason that I gave was that of false humility, which is really a topic for another day.

Finally, last week, I explained that true leadership, according to Prophet Jeff Tadlock, is essentially influence, and especially in the church environment, influencing people by serving them. And that’s where we pick it up for this week.

Jesus said in Mark 9:35 (NAS), “If anyone wants to be first (the leader), he shall be last of all, and servant of all.” Likewise, Jesus said in Matt. 20:26 (NAS), “Whoever wishes to become great (a leader) among you shall be your servant.” Similarly, in Matt. 23:11 and Mark 10:43, Jesus made the same comment. The point is that true leaders influence by serving.

This is why Paul exhorted his spiritual son Timothy in 1 Tim. 4:12 (NAS), “Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity, show yourself an EXAMPLE of those who believe.” Similarly, Paul exhorted his other spiritual son Titus in Tit. 2:7, “In all things show yourself to be an EXAMPLE of good deeds, with purity in doctrine, dignified.” The point here is that not only do true leaders influence others by serving, but that leaders are to be examples and what we would call “role models” in modern-day culture. There is nothing more significant than someone leading by example, showing others and influencing others how to think, act, and be a Christian.

That’s all for this week. Next week, I will discuss how leadership ties into spiritual gifts, especially ascension gift ministers of Eph. 4:11.


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Leadership and Influence: Part One

June 5, 2007
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Dear Readers,

Before I get into this week’s installment, I want to apologize for the delay of this entry. First, we had the Memorial Day weekend holiday, during which I took some time off from the blog. But then I’ve been having technical problems with my laptop on which I compose this blog, and so I’ve had difficulty having time to start the new series on leadership. Well, that series starts right now.

I’ve entitled this series “Leadership and Influence” because I have a broader definition of leadership — leadership IS influence. Specifically, in my church, we have staff, and we have leadership. Those in staff are either ordained leaders, or department heads. But, anyone who is serving in any capacity with influence is considered part of leadership. For instance, personally, I as a member of the praise and worship team (because I sing), I’m considered part of leadership.

Now, I had this discussion a few Sundays ago with some church friends that I had lunch with, and they couldn’t wrap their heads around the leadership concept, as I just presented it in the above paragraph. Quite frankly, to be honest, I think some people do not buy into the “leadership is influence” concept is because they do not want the responsibility and the commitment. And that is the same reason why so many dating relationships end in failure — because people are afraid of responsibility and commitment. But the other reason at play why some people do not want to buy into the “leadership is influence” concept is because of something called false humility. That subject is really beyond the purview of the subject of this series, but perhaps I will discuss it in greater depth, when I do a series on humility. However, false humility is a MAJOR hindrance to people moving forward into leadership. Perhaps my friends that I had that Mexican lunch with deal with some of these issues — perhaps they do not — but — the fact is that if you have influence with people, you’re a leader.

That being said, we have a guest speaker at our church in town this weekend. He is speaking tomorrow night (Tuesday night). He spoke last night (Monday night) and Sunday night. He also spoke at our church-wide leadership meeting on Saturday afternoon. He said some wonderful things on Saturday afternoon, but he believes in the concept that true leadership is essentially influence, and especially in the church environment, influencing people by serving them. And there are Scriptures that relate to that issue of service, influence, and leadership, and that’s where I’ll pick it up next week, as I continue to discuss “Leadership and Influence.”

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