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Changing Our Thinking – Part One: An Introduction | March 22, 2007

This week I am beginning a brand new series, “Changing Our Thinking,” that is going to challenge us all to change our old mindsets and renew our minds in unique and different ways. This week I am going to introduce this topic — next week I will discuss renewing the mind, and then the following week I will discuss having the mind of Christ. Then, after that, we’ll see where the Holy Spirit leads us in this series.

A few weeks ago, I shared as a preview a dream that I heard about. Some of you know that I am a member of a non-denominational, charismatic church in Edmond known as Faith Church. My pastor recently shared with us as a congregation a dream that his pastor, Tom Arnold, who lives in La Salle, Illinois, had concerning my pastor and our church. In this dream, Pastor Tom Arnold, along with his wife Phyllis, were visiting with my pastor and his wife in my pastor’s house right here in Edmond. My pastor had just asked Pastor Tom Arnold whether he could preach at church the next day, and Pastor Tom then asked my pastor what time our service starts. My pastor replied in the dream, “Oh, around 9:30, we have two services now.” Pastor Tom then asked in the dream, “Oh, that’s somewhat different than what has been done in the past. How many people are you running in attendance?” And my pastor responded, “About 1500 people.” That was the dream — right now we have about 120 people who are members at Faith Church, and we start our service at 10am each Sunday morning. But we must change our thinking and think beyond that, for there will come a day where we WILL have TWO services, and reach 1500 in attendance. Thus, we MUST change our thinking, and think outside of our current box. This is what my pastor has been emphasizing for several weeks, and exactly what I’ll be emphasizing during this series. We must learn to renew our minds, get the mind of Christ, and change our thinking, to move into what God has for us in 2007. So, next week, we’ll begin in Romans 12 and move forward from there.


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