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This Week… Taking a Break | February 4, 2007

Dear Readers,

Normally I wouldn’t do this, but I’m going to deviate from what I promised I do, and wait a week to begin the new series, “What is Real Faith?” There is a lot going on in my life, personally, and in the life of my church. So, rather than share with you my typical lengthy post, this week I am “taking a break,” and just sharing several tidbits of interest from my Christian journey.

First, for those who’d like to know, I graduated law school last May, and passed the bar exam the first time this past September. I’ve been looking for my first law job since then. Well, last Friday I received a phone call from a law firm that is going to interview me tomorrow (on Monday). Thus, I’ve been busy preparing for the interview, and I ask that you pray and agree with me that I have divine favor in this interview, and in my job search for my first job as an attorney, in Jesus name.

Second, this morning, I turned on Daystar and watched an interesting program with a Southern Baptist pastor… Dr. Jack Graham, of Prestonwood Baptist in Dallas. Sometimes I agree with what he says, and sometimes I do not. Today, in light of my recent series, “What is Charismatic?” and my new series, “What is Real Faith?” I was especially interested in his sermon, entitled “Having a Full Throttle Faith,” or something to that effect. Dr. Graham made the statement that every Christian has the indwelling Holy Spirit, but NOT every Christian has an engagement with the Holy Spirit that gives the fuel to be a bold witness for Christ, which we are all commanded and exhorted in Acts 1:8 to be (you shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit has come upon you). Thus, at least one Southern Baptist is making a distinction between the indwelling and filling/empowerment of the Holy Spirit (or anointing of the Holy Spirit, as some describe it). As a charismatic, I like that — I believe in that distinction, too. Just something to think about for you, my readers.

Then I got in a little “trouble” at church this morning. We have a guest speaker in town this weekend from Philadelphia, and he preached this morning (Sunday), and is also will minister tonight, Monday night, and Tuesday night (its going to be a busy week, because we also have Wednesday night mid-week, and Thursday night young adult Bible study). Anyways, Saturday they had a meeting with the guest speaker for “leadership.” I wasn’t there. No one ever told me I was included automatically in “leadership.” No one told me what time this meeting was happening. I didn’t know that I was considered in “leadership” just because I serve on our praise and worship team. So, I’m gonna have to get the CD, and listen to what was said.

Lastly, I want to provide everyone with a preview of next week’s start of the new series, “What is Real Faith?” I believe, along with those in my church, that 2007 is the year of the open heaven, the year of the open door. What are you believing for? God wants to see it come to past this year. My pastor’s pastor lives in LaSalle, Ill., which is near Chicago. A few weeks ago he called up my pastor, and told him about a 3-part dream he had concerning my pastor. In the first part of my dream, my pastor’s pastor was riding in my pastor’s car, but an angel was driving the car. When they arrived at my pastor’s house, sitting in the driveway was another car, nicer than the one my pastor currently drives. My pastor’s pastor asked the angel who the new car belonged to, and the answer was my pastor. Then, in the second part of the dream, my pastor’s pastor came across a man dressed like an outdoorsman, sitting at a table. The man was writing a check. My pastor’s pastor asked who the check was for, and the answer was that it was for my pastor. Further, my pastor’s pastor could not discern the amount, except that he saw six zeros on the check… praise God! Finally, in the third part of the dream, both my pastor, and his pastor, were riding together in a jet plane. Now my pastor’s pastor is believing for a specific jet plane, but he wasn’t sure if it was THAT jet plane in the dream. However, in this last segment, both my pastor and his pastor knew in the dream that they were living in an open heaven, and could have whatever desires God has placed in their hearts.

What desires has God placed in your heart? What are you believing God for? Are you believing God to win SOULS in the end time harvest? Are you believing for signs, wonders, and miracles to demonstrate the Kingdom of God? If you’re believing for anything, the Bible teaches that you need faith in order to receive what God has for you, and I don’t know about you, but I want EVERYTHING that God has for me. Thus, faith is an important topic, and I’ll begin to discuss “What is Real Faith?” in next week’s post. But that’s this week’s tidbits.

Jonathan K.


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